More Security. No Deposits.

REITs, Property Managers, and sizable Operators are transferring $10B+ in tenant default risk and drastically reducing tenant move-in costs for massive ROI

Increase ROI and Maximize Asset Value

Underwritten in the USA

Tenants Served in the USA

Administration Cost

ROI Increase

Serving REITS, Property Managers, and Sizeable Landlords across Canada.

The Future of Property


Enhanced ROI and Asset Value

Transfer tenant default risk to an A+ rated insurer, ensuring predictable outcomes and increased return on investment.

Greater Tenant Appeal

Reduced move-in cost attracts a greater tenant applicant pool leading to strengthened margins and lower tenant debt load – increasing satisfaction and retention.

Efficient Administration

Our digital onboarding process fills units faster, eliminates the hassle of handling deposit cheques, and the expenses of managing a trust account.

Collect What You’re Due

We protect operators from loss in cases of non-payment and eviction – a direct boost to the bottom line.

Operators have never had better access to predictive risk transfer of tenant default risk. Drastically reducing move in costs and digitizing the on-boarding process has been a WIN-WIN.

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More Security.

No Deposits.

Innovative Solutions for
Modern Property Management

Transferring tenant default risk to achieve predictable outcomes and enhance ROI is changing the game for Operators in Canada.

Provide a Social Good, Boost your ROI

Our mission is twofold: to empower tenants by removing financial barriers and to provide property managers with tools that boost their ROI and asset performance.

We’re creating a win-win situation for all.

Streamline and Save Time

Our all digital processes save you time and money, drastically reducing overhead, filling units faster and more efficiently.

Reduce Your Security Deposit Administration 95%

Learn how Canadian Operators are realizing increased asset performance and predictable risk transfer with the future of InsurTech.

More Security, No Deposits.


Learn how to find great tenants (and keep them). We

Avoid Bad Tenants:
11 Pro Tips for Landlords

Ready, Set, Optimize.

Join the future of property management for more ROI, asset performance, and tenant satisfaction.

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New rental deposit alternatives offer risk protection for operators and a better tenant experience with lower move-in costs. This white paper explores the benefits and implementation of solutions like the Rental Deposit Now program.