Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Deposits Now partners directly with REITS, Property Management Companies and sizable Landlords to launch the Deposit Rocket program at their properties to service the building. We currently have a minimum requirement of doors under management.

We do not work directly with tenants.

Transfering the tenant default risk to an A rated insurer leads to massive increases in ROI and overall Asset Value. Dependant on program chosen, eligible reimbursements include:

     Unpaid Rent 

     Eviction and Legal Expenses

     Damage to Property and Appliances

     Key Cutting and More

Offering big reductions in move-in costs and a frictionless digital onboarding experience leads to more tenants to select from.

The program is distributed by approved operators and is available on a building by building basis in Canada, with Quebec coming soon.

Yes. We service large scale operators and individually review portfolios to ensure each operator’s location demographics are a fit for the program.

Please reach out via the contact page and we will walk you through next steps.

The lease manager enrolls the tenant in our system or via API with your property management system. The tenant e-signs and makes payment online and the protection starts immediately.

Once a property is onboarded, all new residents are offered a seamless digital leasing experience – however, tenants may opt out and pay an upfront cash security deposit instead. Properties have a 92% adoption rate when best practices are followed and connected through API.

Yes, our advanced API is ready to be integrated into any modern property management system. We will work directly with your provider.

Eligible reimbursements are all managed online and on average, are often paid on the same day.

No, we do not. The reimbursement process is completed online, unless there is extenuating circumstances.

  • No Hefty Deposits: Keep your cash, avoid debt, and eliminate the burden of large upfront cash rental deposits


  • Quick & Easy Sign-up: Enjoy a smoother and fully digital rental journey and avoid the hassle of bank visits and handling deposit cheques.


  • Upward Mobility: Make your move with drastically reduced move-in costs and increased affordability for Canadian families.

No. Tenants do not apply directly with us.  Operators follow their current qualification process for standard tenants. Tenants may also qualify for a non-standard Deposit Rocket program.

The waiver fee is paid monthly by the tenant and depends on the deposit amount and the program selected for your building. This can range from 1% to 5% of the rent amount.

Yes, all our coverage plans are underwritten by an A-rated insurance company.

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