Mitigate Risk
Maximize Profit

Discover the all new approach to property management.

How It Works

Portfolio Review

We analyze your tenant credit criteria and subsequent tenant default exposure to create the program right for you.

Seamless Integration
with Your Workflow

Utilize our system, or integrate your existing systems via API. We tailor our solutions to your portfolio, ensuring optimal risk management.

Attracts More Tenants

Increase your pool of qualified applicants by drastically reducing tenant moving costs with skip the deposit privileges.

Digital Onboarding and Processes

Reduce overhead and fill your units faster all with less administrative costs.

Collect What You Are Due

Eliminate bad debt expenses; we pay eligible reimbursements same day

Undoubted Protection

All our coverage plans are underwritten by an A-rated insurance company.

Unpaid Rent

Damage to Property and Appliances

Eviction and Legal Costs

The Future of Property

Management is Here

More Than a Deposit Replacement

Our program offers up to 10x more protection comparted to the traditional deposit.

Maximize Your ROI

Digitize and streamline your processes to delight tenants. Watch your asset values soar.

Ready, Set, Optimize.

Join the future if property management for more ROI, asset performance, and tenant satisfaction.

Maximize Your ROI
Get Our 2024 White Paper

New rental deposit alternatives offer risk protection for operators and a better tenant experience with lower move-in costs. This white paper explores the benefits and implementation of solutions like the Rental Deposit Now program.